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Succulent thigh fillets, marinated in ginger garlic and spices, cooked on skewers in the Tandoor. 2 pieces per serve.
Available in Entree
An assortment of entrees including Chicken Tikka, Seekh Kebabs, Mixed Pakora and Vegetable Samosa. (Serve 2 persons minimum)
Available in 2 Persons, 3 Persons, 4 Persons
Finely diced potato, cauliflower, onions and spinach thrown in with assorted spices, coriander seeds, cumin seeds and some besan flour to bind. Formed up into patties and finished in the wok.
Available in Entree
Twice marinated lamb cutlets. First they take a bath in rum and black pepper for a few hours. Then they go overnight in a traditional tandoori marinade.
Available in Entree
Chicken on the bone, trimmed of all fat and skin, marinated in herbs and spices and roasted to perfection in the tandoor.
Available in Entree
Fresh mushrooms, marinated in herbs and spices, cooked in the tandoor.
Available in Entree
A mixture of Chicken Tikka, Seekh Kebab, Tandoori Chicken and Lamb Cutlets. (Serve 2 persons minimum)
Available in 2 Persons, 3 Persons, 4 Persons
Potato and green pea’s curried in a lightly spiced mix of whole seeds, fresh herbs and ground powder. Stuffed into home made pastry and folded into petite triangular pastries and fried golden brown.
Available in Entree
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That was the easiest way I have ever ordered food, a fantastic ap. It was really well thought through. The food was ready on time, as confirmed by my text, and delicious. Thank you, just what I needed.
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